Committee & Volunteer Roles

Chairperson - Ollie Reeve
Role Description: Chair the committee meetings and AGM, assist the Secretary to produce the agendas and head the Committee in making decisions for the benefit of the whole club including disciplinary matters.

Vice Chairperson - Syed Husain
Role Description: To stand in for the chair person when they are not available.

Treasurer - David Hall
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Role Description: The main purpose of this job is to look after the finances of the club. The Treasurer must be well organised, able to keep records, careful when handling money and cheques, scrupulously honest, able to answer questions in meetings, confident handling figures and prepared to take instant decisions when necessary.

Assistant Treasurer - Vacant
Role Description: To stand in for the Treasurer when they are not available and countersign payments from the club account.

Safeguarding and Welfare Officer - Noreen Burke
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Role Description: To be clear about the clubs responsibilities when running activities for children and young people. This involves:
• Ensuring these responsibilities are well understood by others;
• Working with the Youth League Welfare Officer (YLWO);
• Working with your County FA Welfare Officer;
• Promoting The FA’s RESPECT Programme and helping to develop best practice processes.
• To help club personnel understand what their duty of care towards children and young people actually means and entails on a day-to-day basis.

Adult Welfare Officer - James Parker
Role Description: To report and manage poor practice of adult teams (Just Play).

Secretary - Peter Fisher
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Role Description: The main purpose of this job is that of principal administrator for the club. The Club Secretary carries out or delegates all the administrative duties that enable the club and its members to function effectively. The Club Secretary is a pivotal role within the club, with a close involvement in the general running of the club. The secretary and their assistant provide the main point of contact for people within and outside the club on just about every aspect of the club’s activities.

Minutes Secretary - Ollie Reeve
Role Description: To record and distribute minutes of club meetings by arrangement of the club chairperson. Minutes are to be agreed and signed off by at least two members of the committee.

Registration Officer - Vacant
Role Description: A devolved responsibility of the club secretary, to register players with the respective leagues at the beginning of the season and manage any new players and transfers throughout.

Equipment Co-ordinator - Hayleigh Thomas
Role Description: A devolved responsibility of the club secretary, to procure all the basic training equipment teams require to run their sessions through the season. Must work closely with the committee to agree what equipment is needed and work particularly close with the treasurer to ensure costs are in line with budget and the club is running efficiently, recycling equipment and training kit as much as possible to limit expenditure.

Training and Pitch Booking Co-ordinator - Matthew Jones
Role Description: A devolved responsibility of the club secretary, to arrange and book all the club's training and pitch booking demands through the year. Must have regular contact with all teams to understand their needs and ensure the club is working within it's projected budget, cancelling pitches and training facilities when no longer required and ensuring commitment to facilities so that they are always available.